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Pondering a Life Beyond Tech

As this year comes to a close it is that time to look back and assess what has become of the past 12 months and honestly:

2013 can go jump in a lake for all I care

What started out like any other year has been a collection of low-lights like having to say good night to a dog or loosing a great friend to depression. While sad and tragic as both of these events were, they were personal. They both were events that leveraged the positive side of my social network, we became closer as we dealt with the shared loss.

Though what bothers me more is when I look back on this year it will not be the sad moments that brought me closer to my friends. Instead going to be shitty backstabbing that pushes a community apart. For example the perl community was all up in arms over a CoC. Which happened to be an interesting precursor for the inverse. The negative reaction and general unsocial atmosphere caused me to give up on twitter entirely.

While the loss of connections with friends is in it self a sad event. I am more disappointed that organizations and people that I once respected for being advocates for positive change decided instead to take an emotional shortcut and behave in a negative manner. Even though they clearly stated that this is not productive.

So here I am, December 2013 pondering if I should completely walk away from this broken community. I used to feel loved and supported by this community. I used to feel like we had a shared vision for what a better future could look like for all, indiscriminate of any label. Though sadly this year has shown me that key members of this community would rather push an agenda of hate. Is it even worth my time to continue to associate my self with such people? I am left feeling that my time would be better spent doing something that I enjoy.

I would rather continue to teach as at least folks are generally grateful for my time. I would rather do fun things with my car as that is actually fun. I used to be an artist with much more then code. Hate, depression, and generally ugly feelings: join the rest of the year at the bottom of the lake, I have better things to do with my time.